University Catholic Center Pastoral Staff Appointments

Please select the appointment type to make a booking. You will select the staff member you’d like to meet with, on the next screen.

Sacramental Reconciliation / Confession

Our regularly scheduled times are Monday at 12:30pm and Tuesday at 1pm. If those times are inconvenient, or if you need more time, you can use this site to book an appointment with Fr. Larry or Fr. Jimmy, for 30 minutes.

(30 minutes)

Brief informational meeting

Got a question or two you’d like to discuss? Just need to check in with your staff liaison? Pick this half hour appointment type.

(30 minutes)

Spiritual Direction / Pastoral Counseling / Personal Crisis

Choose this option to meet for an hour with a member of our pastoral staff.

If this is an actual emergency, don’t book online. Come in to the Catholic Center, or call 512-476-7351. Or call 911 if it’s one of those emergencies.

(1 hour)

Marriage Preparation Meeting

Couples preparing for Marriage, select this 60 minute meeting.

(1 hour)

Something else...

If the above categories don’t seem to apply, select this one for a one hour meeting.

(1 hour)